Which actions allow your customers earning points on your store?

The Earn Points section allows your customers to get points for the activities made on your store. There are 7 actions in total.

Online store actions:

  • Create account
  • Place order

Social actions:

  • Follow on Instagram
  • Facebook like
  • Share on Facebook
  • Twitter follow
  • Share on Twitter

Create account

This action is available to all unregistered guests on your shop and issues a reward in points. After the action is fulfilled, a customer gets a notification letter about the earned points. Available to be completed only once.

Place order

This action is available to all registered and unregistered customers (guests) of the shop and gives a reward in points for the order made. When a user (guest) who isn’t registered on the shop performs an action, the app will bind to the user's email address and store it in the database. After this user registers on the shop, the points earned will be assigned to the account.

When setting up the action admin can choose from 2 available rewarding methods for completing it which are a Fixed amount of points and Increments of points.

Fixed amount of points doesn't consider how many points the customer spent on the purchase and settings from Settings - Rewards - Order rewarding settings. Customers will receive the specified points for Fixed amount of points regardless of the settings.

When selecting Increments of points, the number of points spent on the purchase will be taken into account in relation to the number of points set by the administrator, and also the settings from the above-mentioned Order rewarding settings section, i.e. Exclude Discount, Include Shipping, Include Taxes will be taken into account when issuing the reward.

Follow on Instagram, Facebook like, Share on Facebook, Twitter follow, and Share on Twitter are available to all registered customers. The reward is given in points.

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