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Fantastic Rewards System

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Here at Tile Fix Direct we love the Lily Loyalty Points and Rewards app. It's easy to set up, has a wide array of options for rewarding and incentivising your customers, and the support from the Lily team goes above and beyond. We've currently only implemented it for customers who make an account and who make a purchase, but there are a huge host of other options such as social media interaction that we're looking to start using soon. We've been blown away by the app so far, and we would recommend it to anyone looking to add customer incentives into their overall strategy. Jon L - eCommerce Manager at Tile Fix Direct.

So far...easy and good support

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We migrated to Lily from another reward provider - the transition was very easy, and the email and Skype support was great. There were a few tech issues to sort out, but we always had great servcie and things got sorted very quickly. Easy for us to use on the backend, and for customers too - just need to find a way to make the login screen pop up via a link, rather than the icon in bottom right corner - to make it super easy for customers. Would recommend this app.

Rewards Incentivize Customers to Purchase More Often

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We implemented the Lily Rewards system a few weeks ago and we've observed that customers seem to like it. It's a simple design, and fairly easy to implement. The only challenge is deciding how you'll assign points and what they'll be worth at redemption time. As we've implemented it, customers get points for creating a new account, liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram, and of course shopping at To date, nearly every customer who has visited the site has signed up to earn points even if they didn't complete a purchase, so we can easily remarket to them, and every customer who came to buy has signed up as well. We'll learn a lot more over the next few months about how the system impacts our bottom line, but at this point I can say that it looks like very promising and we're glad that we decided to try it out. -Barry Torman, Thoughtful Impressions VP Sales