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How to launch Lily app on your store?

Lily helps BigCommerce store owners easily launch Loyalty and Rewards program. Please follow steps below in order to set up and launch your loyalty program with Lily:

  • Install Lily;
  • Open Bigcommerce dashboard; 
  • Go to ‘My Apps’ section;
  • Click ‘Launch’ button to open Lily;

How to set up loyalty points? 

In order to set up points, go to ‘Points’ section. This section consists of:

  • Ways to earn: set up how your customers can earn points by placing an order. signing up, and following/sharing on social media.
  • Ways to redeem: here you can set up how customers can redeem their points.
  • Points status: see if your loyalty program is enabled or disabled.

You can go ahead and customize each action and add more actions that can be rewarded:


You can also manage discounts that can be redeemed for points


Rewards notifications and how they work? 

Lily sends email notifications when customers earn and redeem points. In order to set up emails, go to the ‘Customer Emails’ section:


Here you can easily Enable/Disable email notifications, change Subject of the email, Button name, Body, ‘Discard’ or ‘Save, and send a test email.

How to see your loyalty program performance with Lily? 

If you would like to have a glimpse at how your loyalty program is performing, you can go to the ‘Performance’ section. You will see 3 blocks showing: :

  • Total sales generated;
  • Points earned by all members;
  • Total points spent;

How to set up a name of your loyalty program and financial status for rewards?

In the ‘Settings' section, you can change points name and decide when to give points based on the financial status of the order.

  • When points name changes, it will change in Rewards widget on your website; 
  • Customers will get rewarded for placing an order after changing order status according to settings;
  • Rewards will be canceled after changing status of order according to settings;
  • Order reward settings are applied only for Place order earning points rule with Increments of points type;

If you get stuck or have an issue, we're here to help. Please feel free to contact us at

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