Introduction to Lily

One may wonder about the purpose of having a Loyalty Program. The answer lies in the connection between the Loyalty Program and spending. The primary goal of rewarding your customers is to ensure that they consistently select your store over competing options whenever they decide to make a purchase.

Additionally, shopping behavior is driven by a combination of necessity and emotional desire. This is where the significance of a Loyal Program comes into play. It creates a sense of necessity among customers, compelling them to choose your store over others and that’s where the Lily app comes into play.

Lily app is an easy-to-set-up Loyalty Points and Rewards Program application developed to be easily applicable on BigCommerse and Shoplazza. As well as easy to integrate into different regions while covering its project objectives.

Lily advantages:

  • Simple and user-friendly loyalty program app for e-commerce businesses, ensuring maximum benefit from every customer interaction.
  • Integrated metrics are here to help gather extensive statistics and measure the effectiveness of the loyalty program and its impact on the sales funnel.
  • The branding feature allows customization of the widget to align with the brand, including control over colors, visibility, placement, and more.
  • Email notifications motivate customers to utilize the rewards they have earned or redeemed.

You may find more details in the following articles:

- Settings- Redeem rewards

- Earn points- Order rewarding settings

- How to import points?

- Customer emails- Performance

- Branding

Additionally, you can watch the video showcasing the Lily app:

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