The Performance module provides information on the interaction of customers on the store. It has two sections: Points program and Referral program.

Points Program

The ‘Generated revenue’ displays the total sales generated from your Points program, which presents information about the total profit in the shop's currency. It counts only the amount of those orders, that the customer makes using the discount received from the ‘Get rewards’ section.

The ‘Points earned’ shows the total points earned by customers through the actions set by the admin in the ‘Ways to earn’ section of the Rewards module.

The ‘Points spent’ shows the total points spent by customers made by the actions specified in the ‘Ways to redeem’ section of the Rewards module.

The ‘Overview dashboard’ contains 5 fields which are Customer, Action, Redeem discount, Points, and Date. Here you can track activities included in the Analytics.

Referral Program

The ‘Total revenue generated’ indicates the lifetime revenue generated by the Referral program. The ‘Referral members’ shows customers whose first purchase was made through a referral link or code.

‘Overview Dashboard’ contains 4 columns which are Referred customer, Status, Order summary, and Date.The pending status is displayed when a receiver has claimed a reward and should fulfill all the steps of the referral program. After all of the steps are completed, the sender will get a reward.

The completed status is displayed once a receiver fulfills an order on the store.

That’s it!

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