Creating Earning points actions to reward for various activities

Turn your visitors into active buyers by offering them points for completing certain actions on your site. You can choose which exact actions to enable.

The active ones are listed in the Rewards > Points program > Earn points.

The rest of the actions can be added by clicking on 'Add ways to earn'. Let's see how you can set it up with the example of 'Place order' action.

So, here you can adjust name, description, rewarding settings, and increments.

There are two types of the rewards which are Fixed amount of points and Increments of points.

Fixed amount of points - customers will receive the specified points.

When selecting Increments of points, customers will receive 1$ (or another currency depending on your shop settings) for a certain amount of points.

As for other actions, there's only one type for a reward which is Points amount.

That's it! Hope it was interesting 😊.

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