Order rewarding settings

Order rewarding settings refer to the ‘Place order’ rule as it is possible to define according to which order statuses customers will receive points, at which condition the points are subtracted from the orders, and exclude issuance of points from taxes, shipping costs, and discounts used.

Order settings have the next options:

Rewarding customers in accordance with order statuses means that the points for the ‘Place order’ rule will be given to the order when one of these options is chosen:

  • Finished
  • Paid
  • Partially shipped
  • Shipped

Subtract rewards according to the order status means points for placed orders will be subtracted if the order status is one of the following:

  • Refunded
  • Partially refunded

In the next section, you can select how order totals are calculated for rewards. Available options:

  • Exclude discount
  • Include taxes
  • Include shipping

Excluding coupon discounts used

If your customer applies a discount to their order and you want to give the points for every $1 spent considering this discount, please click on the ‘Exclude coupon discount used’.

For example, if the order costs $100, your customer used a 10% discount and will pay only $90. According to the ‘Place order’ action, you will have to give 100 points ($1=1P), but by enabling this option, you will give only 90 points instead of 100 because you’ve excluded the discount from the order’s cost.

Including taxes

You can include taxes like VAT or TVA, for example, the total command is $20, and VAT is $2 from the command. If you include taxes your customers will receive 20 points, if taxes will not be included, customers will receive $18.

Including shipping

Also, you can include shipping costs to your rewards program, for example, the total command is $28 and the shipping cost is $8, so in the end, the customer will receive 28 points to the balance. So your customers will receive the full amount that they have spent on their command.

That’s it!

Hope it was helpful 😊.

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