The following article describes what you can adjust in the ‘Settings’ section. Here you can find two options, General and Rewards.

General settings consist of two sections which are Email settings и Import customers

Email settings:

  • Sender name - the name which is visible to customers receiving your email.
  • Sender email - you will need to enter an email and then verify it.
  • There’s also an option to edit the email address, but it’s required to be verified in case you decide to change it.

Import your existing customers and their current points manually via a CSV file import. There are two types of information you can import:

  • Add points to the current customers' balance
  • Reset the customers’ balance

Rewards settings consist of 3 sections:

  • PointsOrder settingsOrder rewarding settings
  • In the Points section, you can select the name of your points.

In the Order settings you may select to reward customers when the financial status is one of the following:

  • Finished
  • Paid
  • Partially Shipped
  • Shipped

Also, you can choose to cancel the reward when the financial status is one of the:

  • Partially refunded
  • Refunded

In the Order rewarding settings, you may select how order totals are calculated for rewards. Available options:

  • Exclude Discount
  • Include Taxes
  • Include Shipping

That’s it!

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