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How to set up a loyalty and rewards program on BigCommerce?

It is best to think of loyalty programs from the customers' perspective. The first thing that the customer does once they land on your website gathers some important information about your product and how well it fits their preferences.

The next step is the consideration stage when the customer compares your store to your competitors, and we all know at this point how vastly different business can be. 

It is worth noting that at the consideration stage only 3 out of 100 customers actually complete their purchase. These low conversion rates are presumed by all merchants working in e-commerce and it shouldn’t come as a shock. Lily’s loyalty and rewards programs actively resolve this issue.

Our objective is to create three main outcomes. 

  1. Increase the conversion rates of your store from the low industry standards with incentive-based rewards.
  2. Retain clients through loyalty tiers which offer progressively advantageous rewards for continued support for your business.
  3. Gratitude! Lily is all about the customers' experience and building lasting relationships.

How did Lily come to be?

A wide variety of tools emerged since the software boom but none as effective as loyalty and rewards programs. Lily brings a brand new solution to an old marketing dilemma in a big way. 

The whole process has been well designed from the onboarding process to the admin panel, so implementation is totally hassle-free. Our app comes loaded with value for your online business and it’s only a matter of time before Lily starts helping your business scale.

It’s all about giving back!

This is just a fanciful way of saying that every time a customer completes an order, they are rewarded with points that have a custom discount value. 

Naturally, these points are cumulative and designed through the admin panel. Once the customer has earned enough points they can redeem a reward. And if they qualify for one of your tiers they can get special status as well.

We know from transaction history, that a client that has made a purchase in the past is more likely to repeat their purchase. 

We estimate that clients are 10x more likely to purchase from you again.

We also know that clients prefer options that offer a loyalty program because they can earn discounts and progressive rewards. 

Level Up Your Customer Experience

Another way of thinking of loyalty programs is through a technical perspective. Sites with an integrated loyalty program are considered to be more sophisticated and interactive.

They improve the user experience and promote interaction. 

Loyalty programs are also widely considered to help scale business by motivating alternative actions, such as following on social media, reviews, and likes. 

These functions advance your market reach and create a multi-channel growth effect. Your web presence is an asset just like any other piece of equipment and scaling can be slow with organic content, Lily helps accelerate your growth.

Lily’s Features 

We earnestly believe that Loyalty Programs are by far the highest performing conversion tools in e-commerce.

Lily’s Onboarding process

With Lily, you can be up and running in as little as 3 minutes through our streamlined onboarding process. 

To Integrate Lily into your BigCommerce store:

  1. Install Lily through the BigCommerce App store
  2. Proceed to the BigCommerce Admin Panel
  3. Find Lily through “My Apps”
  4. And Click Launch

Install Lily and click Launch

As soon as you’re redirected to Lily’s control panel you can start customizing your rewards program.

Lily is super simple to use. The menu bar on the left-hand side represents Lily’s function.

  1. The Rewards tab allows you to design your rewards and loyalty tiers.
  2. The Customer Emails function allows you to set up automated notifications. These will allow you to follow up with customers and update them on updates regarding their points.
  3. The Performance tab is a centralized activity feed that visualizes your program's performance and provides you with insight.

Once you’ve landed here:

Your first step is to create your point structure.

Lily is based on a point system, which means you need ways to earn points and redeem them.

You can do this by navigating to Rewards > Points > Points Overview. 

From this overview section, you can start building your rewards structure. 

*Remember that you need to have a financial goal in mind when structuring your points. These points and their degree of generosity can be more or less influential

Points structure - Lily

Building the Value of your Rewards:

Once you select your first reward from the wide variety of options for both ways to earn and redeem points, you’ve already taken your first step.

Earning Options

Earning Points, Ways to Earn - Lily

Discount Value

Discount Value, Percentage Discount - Lily

From the customization page, bear in mind that whatever name you decided to give to your rewards, it should match your brand.

All the effects of your changes will be displayed in the “Summary” section so that you will be aware of any changes.

*You can make the rewards as generous as you like but bear in mind that each point has a financial value. 

Email Reminders

Email Reminders - Lily

The next step to setting up your rewards program is the email notifications.

You can set up these e-mail notifications to send reminders to your customers. This is a great way of re-engaging with your customers and offering them a bonus on their next purchase.

These reminders are versatile and can be a great avenue for creative email campaigns. Reminders are an important tool for any business and we highly encourage their use.

Customers’ interactions with emails are 30-40% greater after purchase, most notably when a reward is involved.

*Feel free to enable/disable, customize or test your emails.

Activity Log

Activity Log - Lily

Lily monitors the performance of your program. 

Keep tabs on your points, customers, and interactions from a central log.

*This is part of your overall marketing strategy, and a great source of insight. So use this information wisely!

Program Settings

Program Settings - Lily

*The Settings section gives you that extra bit of control.

Lily can amplify your marketing efforts and bring your store to life. Rewards are great for increasing your purchase rates. Customers love having a way to earn discounts.

Lily is your most fundamental tool and totally free. Give her a chance! ☺

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