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Big news for all Shoplazza customers!

Lily on Shoplazza

Lily is making it look fabulous as always!

Shoplazza has been waiting for a loyalty program exactly like Lily.


We know that commerce is a major part of the world around us, and that technology makes it more competitive and accessible for everyone. While merchants are always seeking an edge over their competition, they rely on platforms and apps for that edge.

eCommerce is an important component of modern society, which is only made possible by the people behind new technologies. 

Technologies exactly like Shoplazza & Lily

We proudly announce our new partnership with Shoplazza.

Bring Lily’s loyalty and rewards app to the new and hot Shoplazza app store.

We’ve grown, matured, and proudly stand by Shoplazza.

Shoplazza is on the rise, we can spot their glow from a mile away. Lily has been making it work for eCommerce shops with big dreams and now our powerful features are available to all Shoplazza merchants.

We’re truly excited to be part of this new wave of daring merchants, and we promise to work to make your dreams a reality — side by side.

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